BRIDGES has resumed!



Bridges is an employment initiative program. It assists individuals transitioning from the provincial correctional system back into the community with the objective of securing employment and/or furthering education.

Certificates that can be taken include: First Aid, Service Best, Safe Food Handling, WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Learners License and Anger Management.


Topics that are covered include: resume and cover letter writing, budgeting, housing, mental health, stress management, addictions, interview skills, labor laws, and parenting.


Counselling Services are available for anyone who is in the program.


CARLIN GALL - Program Manager

Ph/Text: 306-960-9137
Carlin has worked with Bridges since 2012. 

ALLISON GARSON - Assistant Program Manager

Ph/Text: 306-960-9136

Allison has worked with Bridges since 2017.