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Program Registration

To register or get more information, please contact  Dr. Chad Nilson at lscsi@hotmail.com

Program Overview

Through this project, CFSPA will work to facilitate systemic changes for women that are long overdue. Our organization has developed a strong reputation for supporting human service organizations in shifting their focus upstream, away from the obsession over crisis and risk, towards vulnerability—where it is more effective to work with women in a stable, healthy, and stigma-free environment. 

Why we do it

Part of this project involves scaling up a culturally-safe adaptation of the Before it Happens Vulnerability Reduction Protocol (a resource inspiring change across Canada). Another part of this project involves building the capacity, commitment, and pathway for human service organizations to make the systemic changes necessary to reduce barriers impacting women. 

How we do it

Our organization’s existing partnerships in northern Saskatchewan will enable effective outreach, knowledge transfer, advocacy, training, mentoring, trouble-shooting and organizational support necessary to achieve project objectives. Our aim is to mobilize a strong collaborative network of organizations with experience in system change and alignment, to ensure the best support possible for our region.

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